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January 09 2009


Azur & Asmar's Facebook

Check us out on Facebook to learn more about the film!

Azur & Asmar's Twitter Page

Azur & Asmar's latest updates!

Seattle Review of Azur & Asmar

"Michel Ocelot's animated fantasy of blond, blue-eyed Azur and dark-skinned, brown-eyed Asmar, brothers in all but blood and raised on the fairy tales of nanny Jenane's Arab homeland, is a gorgeous "Arabian Nights" odyssey and a story of brotherhood across cultures."

Chicago Tribune Review of Azur & Asmar

"Is it too early to announce the most beautiful film of 2009? Two days into the new year, it's hard to imagine a more transporting cinematic experience coming our way than "Azur & Asmar," an animated feature from the French writer-director Michel Ocelot. "Azur & Asmar" got a very warm reception at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006, in the Directors' Fortnight series, and as is often the case with the vagaries of international distribution, it has taken a long time for the film to land in Chicago. But here it is, for a week at the Siskel Film Center, and any aficionado of animation—of vibrantly realized storytelling, in any genre—will be seduced by a wealth of sights and sounds..."

GKIDS - Azur and Asmar

"AZUR & ASMAR is a brilliant new animated adventure from Michel Ocelot, acclaimed director of Kirikou and the Sorceress. It is the story of two boys raised as brothers, who compete in a dangerous quest through foreign lands to find and free the Fairy of the Djinns, held captive in a crystal palace. The film breaks new cinematic ground both thematically and visually, and has been compared to Pan's Labyrinth, Triplets of Bellville, and the films of Miyazaki!"

GKIDS Homepage

We are an independent film distributor specializing in a new kind of movie for kids and families. Smarter, funnier and better, we guarantee a unique cinematic experience for all ages. Check out our first film in theaters, AZUR & ASMAR, from the legendary French animator Michel Ocelot. Find out more about AZUR & ASMAR at www.gkids.tv/azur.
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